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Month Date Event Grade
January 28th Heights of Guanapo G 3 / G 4
January 28th Barbados International
February 11th Pt. Radix-Nariva Swamp Exploration
February 16th Woodlands Environmental
February 25th Piparo & Quarry G1
March 17th Night Trail to Quarry G2 Exploration 
March 25th Caura River  (Prize giving)  G1
April 7th Piparo-Tabaquite Trail G3 / G4
April 15th Verdant Vale Trail G3 / G4
April 29th 1ST. Charity Event G/1
May 1st Barbados Rally  
May 27th Env. Project (With family input)
June 10th Tabaquite /Brasso Vernado G3 / G4 Exploration
June 24th Trail Blazers Rally G1  ( members)
June 30th Fund Raising BBQ All
July 8th Caura River Lime G 1
July 14th Night Run G 3/4
July 29th Tabaquite to Navet Trail
(Continuation of WASA trail)
G3/ G4
August 5th Bird Sanctuary G1
August 19th TOBAGO G1/2
September 29th Gasparillo Pipeline and Tabaquite WASA 1. G3/ G4
October 7th Tabaquite G2/3
October 21st WASA 2 G2/3
October 28th TTASA at Camden Field G1
November  11th Competition G1/G2/G3/G4 
November 25th Environmental Project G1
December 8th TTORC Christmas Dinner  
December 16th Charity G1

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2007 Points System


The advisory committee came up with the following point system after some meaningful input from all its members. The following is recommended and we encourage all its members to view the document and any suggestions can be discussed at the next meeting.

In an effort to bring closure to this document, we request that you make recommendation(s) to the suggested point system and this will be further discussed by the committee and once agreed will be adopted and finalized.

Please do not criticize the document without any suggestion as this will delay and discourage any positive action( s) by committee members and can further result in non participation of members. This is not isolated to this committee but to all the committees that have been set up thus far.
































This trophy is awarded to the member who accumualtes the most points at the end of the year for all of the following.













1. Competitions 2 for the year.

300 pts MAX for each competition.





2. Monthly Trail attendance.

20 pts per event as driver or passenger.





3. Proving trails.


20 pts per event as driver or passenger.





4. Monthly Meeting attendance.

20 pts per meeting.







5. Scrutineering Total Points

Every Official Trail - 1 Point awarded for every item they have in accordance with the scrutineering list.  If a




person arrives late for an event, he will be scrutineered for trail worthyness, however he will not be allotted




any scrutineering points but he will get attendance points.



6. Committee Meetings

100pts awarded to those on each committee that have attended a minimum of 60% of their respective meetings.




If a person is on more than one committee then he will get points for each committee once the above is met.
































































1. Competition # 1


300 pts MAX

Each Competition awards for 1st, 2nd & 3rd once budget permits.

2. Competition # 2


300 pts MAX

Each Competition awards for 1st, 2nd & 3rd once budget permits.

3. Overall Competition


Total pts from Comp.1 & Comp.2























































Scrutineering Total Points Year

Every Official Trail - 1 Point awarded for every item they have in accordance with the scrutineering list.




Totalled at the end of the year for a winner.( second and third Place?)










































































Awarded to the member that shows most Comraderie, willingness, tireless assistance to others etc….to be voted upon at the end of the year by all
























































Prepared By: Advisory Committee 2007



















David Landreth Smith









Peter Quentrall Thomas









Raffick Mohammed










Gary Williams










Deonarine Nanan










Paul Tiah



















To adhere to the List of Objectives as outlined in the Trinidad and Tobago off-road club constitution and promote these objectives to the extent of membership participation.


As the New Year approaches, it is incumbent the Events Manager presents to the members of TTORC, a calendar of events for the term January 01st.2007 to December 31st.2007.

Firstly, the Events Manager would like to thank you for placing the confidence on him to lead a team of esteem people into a challenging term of events and shall surely encourage the inputs of all its members in developing and supporting the vision for this term.


The New Year vision is not very different from the previous years events, in-fact, although it might be structured differently it is consistent with the previous years and more importantly it is structured around the constitution of the club.

The Methodology for the structure is in the following form and is consistent with Clause 16 of the clubs Constitution which allows for Subcommittees to be considered for specific terms of reference.

These are:

a. Off-Road Events –Grade 2 and above. Clause 2a and 2d of the Constitution.
b. Grade 1 and Family events. Clause 2g of the Constitution
c. Exploration Trails and Charity Events. Clause 2b of the Constitution
d. Environmental Programs. Clause 2i of the Constitution
e. Special Advisory committee Bye-Laws 2, Part B- Specific Duties, Events Manager Clause 5.

To assist in the management of the stated events and the planning activities, I have sort the permission of various members of the TTORC family to head these Sub committees and select voluntary support from club members.

The following summarizes these events and identifies the Sub-committee heads.

a. Off Road Event - Grade 2 and Above Committee Head - Shane Blackwood

A schedule of trails will be developed with new initiatives and working with other groups in organizing combined efforts to benefit members of TTORC.

b. Grade 1 and Family Events Committee Head – Roll Babooram

This committee will seek out grade-1 trails and encourage participation of new members and potential members. In addition, in order to in-cooperate family members, spouse and children, events will be planned with the involvement of family members and associates.

It is the intension of this group to bring families closer to the TTORC Family.

c. Exploration Trails and Charity Event Committee Head – Gauph Nandoo

Mapping out and grading new trails will be one of the challenges of this committee. The other challenge is to identify the contribution that can be made by TTORC to any Needy Organization such as, Homes, Churches, Schools ect. and making recommendation for these contributions.

d. Environmental Programs. Committee Head – Sheldon Mohammed.

This committee will work closely with other agencies and identify avenues by which TTORC can support any cause that can be beneficial to the development of Health, Safety and the Environment and also bring recognition to the club by its efforts.

e. Advisory Committee Committee Head – Paul Tiah

This committee shall in addition to its advisory capabilities, review, rationalize and document the contentious point system after approval by the membership. In addition, this committee shall recommend to the events manager competition plans for the year 2007.


The Above mentioned Sub – committee Heads will therefore work closely with other executive members to ensure compliant with policy guidelines as outlined in the TTORC constitution and other interest group.

For example, Safety being an important aspect in every sphere of our programs, the exploration team will need the input of our safety and training officer as well as our Scrutineer to ensure that dangers and hazards are minimized.. Environmental programs team will work closely with the Sponsorship Officer for the generation of funds for projects etc.

If at the end of the 2007 term we are able to mobilize group efforts and encourage participation, team building, and family togetherness, we would achieve however small, part of our objective.

Thank you ..... TTORC – Event Manager 2007. ..............Raffick Mohammed.


Trail Grading

Grade 1 : For All 4WD Vehicles / No special equipment / road tyres.

Grade 2 : Some Mud & Slight Scathing Possible / Ropes, basic pulling equipment / Mud terrain / lug tyres required

Grade 3 : Mud, Rough Terrain / Winches, Ropes, Shovels / Mud terrain / lug tyres required

Grade 4 : Mud, Difficult Terrain, Possible Damage / Full complement Recovery & Clearing Equipt / Mud terrain / lug tyres required .

Grade"TBA" : To Be Announced.




MANDATORY - Valid Driver's Permit, Insurance Certificate, Working Seatbelts, First Aid Kit, No Alcohol, Fire Extinguisher, Optional-Inspection Sticker

TOOLS - Wheel, Spanner, Jack + Handle, Toolkit 25', 3/4" Rope (max4), Sharp Cutlass, Spade + Fork, Winch + "Cumalong", Bow Saw + Axe, CB Radio, Mud Ladders (max2)

SPARES - Spare Rad.Hose T/B, Spare Fan belt, Water, Brake fluid

OTHER -   Roll Cage (2 on chassis), Towing Eyes (max 4), Snorkel

ELECTRICAL - Headlamps, Stop Lights, Horn, Wipers, Ignition/Kill Switch

TYRES -    Spare (max 2) Grade 1 trails All terrain tyres required. Grade 2 and above Mud terrain / lug tyres required

ENGINE - Radiator Hoses (2), No loose wires, Battery(s) Secure, Fan / Vee Belt, Throttle Return Spring, Fuel Lines Secure

DRIVE TRAIN/UNDERSIDE - Prop shafts Secure, Fuel Lines Secure, No loose wires below, All Wheel Nuts Present


Driving Tips & Safety

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