Mt. Harris Grade 2, Central Trinidad

8th January 2012

Our first official event for 2012 saw our members assembling at the NP Gas Station just before the Piarco International Airport on the Golden Grove Road. Each rig was scrutineered while our members interacted and stocked up on supplies for the trail.
A total of seven (7) vehicles attended the event and was split into two (2) convoys, the first with four (4) and the latter of three (3) who were addressing to a needed minor repair on one of the rigs.

The lead pack proceeded along the scenic Cumoto Main Road and  the chase pack utilized the long stretches trough Sande Grande to catch up. Both were united once on the trail. The trail which had thus far in our previous ventures only deserved a grading of 2/3 had now been converted into a grade 4 run with the heavy rainfalls and undulating forest terrain presenting a stiff challenge. One by one our members had to abandon their rig and walk/ride along as we ventured further into the wilderness.

At about 2:30pm, Shivanand with his (Suzuki Muruti) and the other members at the front decided to turn around to begin the exit of the trail. This was even more difficult as the trail was now even wetter and required winching to make it out.

We returned to the start of the trail at about 4pm and posed for some pictures before the trail was officially brought to a close.

See pictures below,




1.       Gaufh Nandoo (President/Scrutineer)

2.       Nimchand Bissessar (Treasurer)

3.       Sham Mahabir (Secretary)

4.       Wayne Boodoo (Events Manager/Web Page Manager)

5.       Shivanand  Maharaj (Sponsorship Officer)

6.       David Landreth-Smith (Assistant Safety & Training Officer)

7.       Amardeep Seepersad

8.       Keith Sinanan

9.       Gowkaran Sooklall “Brain”


10.   Darwin Dookie

11.   Andrew Ramadoo

12.   Leandro Bissessar

13.   Raul Bissessar

Well Wishers

1.       Andrew Perry (Vice President) & Son

2.       Jensen Ramnarine (Assistant Scrutineer)

3.       Piers Farrel

4.       Raffick Mohammed & Wife















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