Garage Day #1

5th February 2012

What a wonderful turnout.

The morning started off slow at first with members trickling in after completing their regular Sunday duties. Our host for the day, Shivanand Maharaj had worked hard making sure his place was clean and tidy for the day of fixing, cooking and interacting with both our new and old members.

On the menu for the working bunch was: Curry chicken, Buss-up-shut, Lagoon Rice, chow and some unknown dish by Roll that tasted amazing.

Although we were not able to have a mechanic and auto-electrician at hand some work did happen. Next time we'll make sure to book in advance.



1.       Shivanand  Maharaj (Sponsorship Officer)

2.       Wayne Boodoo (Events Manager/Web Page Manager)

3.       Roll Babooram (Safety & Training Officer)

4.       David Landreth-Smith (Assistant Safety & Training Officer)

5.       Jensen Ramnarine (Assistant Scrutineer)

6.       Amardeep Seepersad & Son

7.       Gowkaran Sooklall “Brain”

8.       Raymond De Commarmand

9.       Fareed Mohammed

10.     Gowkaran Sooklall “Brain”

11.   Gary Williams

12.   Jason Mungal

13.   Andrew Ramadoo

14.   Piers Farrel & Son

15.   Nigel Ali

16.   Nigel Boodoo

17.   Ramoo Boodram (Club Sponsor - Boodram's Oil)

More to follow.....




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