South Exploration (Hindustan) 2, South Trinidad

12th February 2012

On the 12th February 2012, saw a great turn out of both old and new members, ranging from Grade 4 ready to bone stock, dealer rigs. We gathered at the top of the Toruba Turn Off and left a bit later than planned as we awaited the arrival of the members attending the trail. During which time Uncle Gaufh scrutineered the rigs while we admired his flashy Suzuki, on it's first trail with the new paint job.

A total of nine (9) vehicles attended the event.

The convoy took off at approximately 8:30am and utilized the by-pass roads on our way to our first stop "The Devil's Woodyard". We spent a few minutes taking pictures and conversing and then were off again looking for a new trail. I saw a farmer parked just off the side of the road and introduced myself and stated our humble intentions and was rewarded with a friendly point into the right direction and we were off again.

As we  entered the start of the trail we found ourselves passing crops planted by the villagers in the area, being careful not to startle the farmers as we passed. The trail pace was surprisingly fast with minor obstacles along the way. A wide range of terrain from grassy verges, to cane fields, to pine fields, to teak fields and finally ending back on asphalt. With time on our side we made the decision to reenter the trail and scout an alternate route which worked out great for the attendees as some muddy sections gave everyone a chance to truly see what the 4 wheel drive in their rigs could overcome.

At about 1:00pm, we were again on the black carpet and the trail was called to a close. Everyone made it out safely.

See pictures below,




1.       Gaufh Nandoo (President/Scrutineer)

2.       Andrew Perry (Vice President) & Passenger

3.       Wayne Boodoo (Events Manager/Web Page Manager)

4.       Jensen Ramnarine (Assistant Scrutineer)

5.     Nigel Boodoo (Assistant Treasurer) & 2 Passengers

6.       Amardeep Seepersad & son

7.     Andrew Ramadoo & son

8.       Gowkaran Sooklall “Brain”

9.       Fiazul Mohammed



1.       Neil Sirju & Passenger


Well Wishers

1.       Shivanand Maharaj (Sponsorship Officer)

2.       Roll Babooram (Training & Safety Officer)

3.       Shane Blackwood



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