WASA (Unofficial), South Trinidad

21st February 2012

An evening drive to the infamous WASA 1 Pipeline, as Craig and I set out to see what the trail was looking like. It was a shocker, as we embarked upon it and realized that it was graded wide, as it now accommodates two additional pipelines, and there is a gravel pathway to drive upon. There were no extreme off cambers or mud pits that iconic off roaders knew and pics from TTORC's archives will show (Piparo Tabaquite Waterline Trail of April 07, 2007).
The hollows where ravines crossed were filled over with a pipe placed in the trenches for the water to flow through and steep banks were graded to gentle slopes. There were a few areas where there were small pits created from the use of excavators and tractors.
It was fun as we completed the 1 trail and attempted the 2 trail only to realize that the trail was being used for logging and there was a lot of branch cuttings in the pits, so we decided not to take the risk of damage and turn around.
A bit more fun was had when we parked in a pit by the road edge and stretched a rope looking for a pull. For all those who stopped, we thanked them and encouraged them to visit the local offroad websites and forums.
With plenty of time left, we returned through the 1 trail, and went to the Piparo Mud Volcano.

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