Lopinot (Unofficial), North Trinidad

26st February 2012

As Piers enquired Trip?  It went down with Raymond and myself (Z) accompanying him on a run that would make Raymond "feel like a tourist."
Assembling by the Piarco Service Station, we decided to head to the Lopinot area. Raymond had us scouting around for the trail that brings one to overlook Caura, but when found, after attempting the trail, it resulted that although it was cut, some additional clearing would be needed to further cut previously fallen trees.
We turned back and we hit through the hills toward Paria. We stopped off at Cyril's place where we were treated with good Lopinot hospitality as we were served hot chocolate tea and as the evening breezes started to chill and as the wonderful aroma of home prepared coffee filled the air, Raymond could have been seen...... ah cyah find words to explain that nah, but de boy say he was feelin like ah tourist.
We then crossed over to the Paria area, and started on the Madamas trail, but with nightfall quickly approaching, we turned around, and with light rays piercing the mists, we made our way back.

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