Heights of Gunapo Grade 4, North Trinidad

Our first G4 event for 2012 took place on the 25th March as it was pushed back on two occasions to accommodate our loyal following. We assembled at our usual point, just under the trees, outside of the UWI St. Augustine South Gate.

One by one our members arrived and set about in friendly conversations and vehicle scrutineering. The star rig of the day, being Dr. Andrew Perry in his NEW RELEASE, "Monster Duck". Our Attendees for the day were as follows:



  1. Gaufh Nandoo (President/Scrutineer)

  2. Andrew Perry (Vice President)

  3. Wayne Boodoo (Events Manager/Web Page Manager)

  4. David Landreth-Smith (Assistant Safety & Training Officer)

  5. Amardeep Seepersad (Club Hard Worker)

  6. Andrew Ramadoo

  7. Shane Blackwood (Worked & worked & worked!)

  8. Faizul Mohammed

  9. Jason Mungal (who toiled to make sure everyone got out in the end)



  1. Max & friend (Hats off to you guys, you work like machines)

  2. Niel & Dominique Sirju

  3. Raymond (who saw our first rig back up the precipice)


Well Wishers

  1. Raffick Mohammed & wife


Now back to the business, so we departed at approximately 8:45am with a convoy of seven (7) rigs and proceeded east bound to the Demerara Road and then entered the Gunapo Road where we awaited the "Monster Duck" whose GPS required recalibration. Once our troops reassembled we began the climb to the entrance to the trail.

On arriving, we quickly made the necessary preparations and discussed the game plan and proceeded with the task at hand. At this point Niel's vehicle was secured and both he & his wife took to foot. Our hard working members made quick work of a thirty foot (30'), 80 degree decent as we followed Sham's prior rigging, but only 5 rigs made the decent as a capable rig was positioned ahead of the drop off as a precautionary measure.

So the 5 rigs and loads of ground support crossed the river and began the long climb. Nothing could stop us, or at least that was our thinking, so we pushed forward. As the rains came we kept our pace and then the slippery hills proved too much for Faiz, as his un-locked differential could not give him the traction he required to continue upward. So "Monster Duck" had to lend a pull. We then convinced Faiz to also take to foot to move forward, now we are down to 4!

The remaining rigs all conquered the terrain and we made our way a couple hundred feet away from the peak of the ridge, our chain saw blade making the decision for us with turning around at 2:30pm, six or seven logs, too fat to get our hands around spoiling our fun.

Heading downhill should be easier? No way, alot of careful driving and winching where necessary saw our bunch back at the bottom of the drop-off. I lost a roof glass from rushing to catch the rigs that I assisted infront of me, shame on me.

This is where our metal was tested! "Monster Duck" while rushing to do the reverse of our 'down rigging' pushed his rig a little too far off camber and it rolled on its' side. A good thing it had a brand new roll cage! We got him back on all 4's and the crew did some checks before restarting his van. Now with a lesson learnt we got everyone else back up. Only to get some more excitement with Difflock, who decided to head off road again.

We finally saw an end to the trail at about 9pm where everyone was glad to be out in one piece and all rigs able to make the drive back home.

Special thanks to EVERYONE on the trail, we really worked as a team and would have never reached as far by any other means! Jason, your help at the end came at the best possible time.

Some pics that will help to put this adventure together are attached. I am still awaiting more pics and some videos.


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