Central Exploration (Hindustan) 2, South Trinidad

10th June 2012

The June event/trail took place on 10th June, 2012. Deciding where to go was the first obstacle of the day since the original plan was deemed hazardous due to heavy rainfall and lack of experienced off-roaders to make the trip. Eventually, members present on that day decided to journey to Mamoral. Assembly point was at my home at Palmiste village, Chaguanas.

Members Present:

1. Andrew Perry and four (4) guests
2. Pierce Farrell.
3. Jason Mungal (Zantac)
4. Amar Seepersad
5. Andrew Ramadoo and one (1) guest
6. Faizul Mohammed and one (1) guest

Our first adventure was a visit to the famous sink-hole phenomenon that emerged due to sand quarrying in Palmiste. We then proceeded to Mamoral where the phenomenon there was a falling house being supported by ............guess what..........THE MIGHTY SUZUKI !!!!!!!!

We continued along the trail where we had varying difficulties from Grade I to Grade IV. In the end the wit and persistence of the party won the battle of the bushes. This trail exited at Mundo Nuevo but members persevered in the quest to find more mud and finally made it to Tamana where they did find more.

By this time, and after being satisfied with the amount of mud-coverage on the vehicles, it was about time to start moving homeward. Members decided that the day needed to be capped with refershments and good natured pecong which took place at Tumpuna Road, Arima. At this point, everyone went their separate ways and called it a day.



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