Lopinot to Madamas Grade 3, North Trinidad

13th January 2013


Thanks for an enjoyable day on Sunday.
It has been many years since I have been on the Lopinot to Madamas Trail.
A pretty easy drive with not much surprises.
After the Event was over, Shane and headed to Las Cuevas. We made a stop at a popular surfing spot in Blanchisseuse, then we stopped at Las Cuevas, Tyrico and Finally Maracas for Shark and Bake.
After this I went to Maraval to drop off  a Shark and Bake at Terrance's girlfriend and then to San Juan to pressure wash the Scorpion. with all of this, I still managed to get home at 7:30pm. The Scorpion worked well as this was the longest run it has made since its was built.




1.     Andrew Perry (President)

2.     Sham Mahabir (Secretary/Treasurer)

3.        Amardeep Seepersad (Events Manager)

4.       Shane Blackwood

5.       Dale Gopaul

6.       Neil Sirju


7.       Terrance Macoon

8.       Dean Mohammed



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