Verdant Vale(Uphill) Grade 4, North Trinidad

3rd March 2013

The day started off late with two members form TTORC being shane and myself. We met up with 5 other off roaders , collin and Kervyn (both with 1.6 vitara turboed suzukis), Cindy and Blacks (both with swift GTI powered samurais) and Anil. 

We entered V V from by the cocoa house and it was uneventful until the river crossing that leads to a steep uphill that makes a sharp right. The same area where uncle gauf had problems going up and where my cooler and tools went flying out last year. Collin broke his front drive shaft cross and had to winch up. This was replaced. Blacks also broke his front axle and had to winch most of the uphills. 

Shane did well and did not have to winch the entire trail. He also did not turnover like last time and have his sandwiches go pelting on da ground. I now know why he was eating them out real fast as soon as we entered the trail. 

As for Monster duck there was no repeat of January's mishap and we did not have to winch and made it out in one piece. 

At the end of the trail TTORC parted ways. Shane, Amar, Ralph, and myself then had some beers on my front lawn about 5.30pm. 

It was a great day!!! 
Thanks guys



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