World Environment Day 2013 - TTORC/Forestry Division Tree Planting

8th June 2013


I would like to thank all of our members, their families and friends who attended the event today. In particular Mr. Shivanand Maharaj.

Today's event was a wonderful show of team work. The attendees gathered at the Forestry Division South Central Base at approximately 10:00am, Mr. Lutchman opened the day by giving us some description of the task at hand. Uncle Gaufh then gave the customary pray for accomplishing the task at hand incident free and in good will. I then emphasized the need for safety.

The tree planting exercise then commenced an estimated 1500ft to the north of the base, with trees being layed out by forestry officials in predetermined locations (roughly at 15ft intervals and 15ft away from the roadway. Our members quickly started digging, planting and remembering to keep the plastic bags which the seedlings were set in. Brain led the charge with the whole diggers, closely followed by he rest of the group. We looked like a orange ant trail and with the speed similar to a leisurely walk down the roadway our on foot convoy returned to the Forestry Division main entrance in about 45mins. We then continued southward, planting for another 1500ft or so and by 11:30 we had accomplished our objective.

The group then part took of a mouth watering lunch before posing for a group picture.

Some members then left while a group stayed on to discuss future endeavors.


Best regards, 



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