Caura Grade 3, North Trinidad

19th June 2013


What a wonderful day.

Attending the run today was myself with Amar riding along and Neil. Two TTORC rigs.

We met up at UWI South Gate for 8:30am, did a little refreshment shopping at the nearby grocery and then pulled off around 9:00am.

Both vehicles then proceeded to make our way into the Caura Valley. With a sunny/windy, senic trek all the way in.

At 9:30 we entered the up river section. Slowly and carefully making our drive past all the locals, ensuring that we were not disrespectful to them or their trails. After about 90mins of training we had finally driven all the roadways in sight and decided to head to the down river section. We spent another hour or so parked in a shallow section of river where everything from TTORC turn out to vehicle modifications were touched on, then finally exiting the trail to make our way back home.

I arrived home just about 1pm. Great time.

See pictures attached.




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