La Vega Estate Grade 2, Central Trinidad

27th October 2013

Hi Guys!

A few of us were invited to visit La Vega Estate to check out a course being developed by Victor Manhin .Making our way into Gran Couva were Nigel, Shane and Neil Sirju and Kendell who drove the course with the use of Victor's suzuki and Neil's stock samurai which was made to look easy!!

Calls were made to Shiv, Wayne and Amar but they were unable to visit, but future visits are carded so that we can have some input as to how challenging the course can be or should be. This is a venture by La Vega Estate and access to the finished course in future will be by appointment and will be a place where you can go if you want to try out your 4x4. My apologies to those who were not called but this was an impromptu arrangement and I hope that any future visits can be coordinated so that we can plan and prepare in advance.



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