TTORC Constitution
& Bye Laws

Trinidad & Tobago Off Road Club


The name of the club shall be as shown above and hereinafter called the club. The club shall also use the name "Mr. 4 Wheeler Club" and/or "4 Wheeler Club" for promotional purposes.


The objectives of the club are:

2.1:  To encourage the safe, sensible and pleasurable use of vehicles for off road use.

2.2: To promote the opening of trails for use by all sectors of the community in the more remote areas of Trinidad & Tobago.

2.3: To provide a forum to discuss the use of remote areas for recreational purposes without endangering the environment.

2.4:  To promote considerate driving by off roaders both on and off the highways.

2.5: To educate members in vehicle preparation, maintenance and use for off roading.

2.6: To assist the Authorities and other service organisations in the event of any disaster

2.7: To promote friendship in competition and social events with members of other clubs, whose objectives are similar.

2.8: To conduct the business of the Club including the power to purchase, lease, hire or otherwise acquire real estate or property and the power to sell or dispose of the same.

2.9: To affiliate with or to take part in the activities of similar organisations as considered appropriate.

There may be a Patron of the Club, who need not be a member of the Club. who shall be appointed at an Annual General Meeting.

The income and property of the Club shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Club and any additions or amendments thereto, and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise howsoever by way of profit to the members of the Club. Provided that nothing herein shall prevent the payment in good faith or remuneration of any officers or servants of, or persons employed by the Club, or other persons in return for any services actually rendered to the Club.


5.1  Membership of the Club does not involve any liability beyond the payment of subscription fees.  

5.2  By joining the Club or participating in any event or activity of the club, members hereby agree to hold the club harmless from any damage to either your vehicle, yourself or your passengers. Similarly as a member you hereby agree to indemnify the Club against any claim by any third party whether it be another member, a part of the Government or a member of the Public, from any claim for any damages whatsoever arising as a result of your participation in an event of the Club.


6.1  Membership is open to any person who is interested in the furtherance of the objectives of the club. All items issued to a member at any time including membership badges, membership cards, membership stickers and any other item shall remain the property of the Club and shall be returned to a member of the Executive if for any reason a person ceases to be a member of the Club.  

6.2  The membership of the Club shall comprise of three (3) classes: Honorary; Associate; Ordinary.

6.3 Honorary Life Membership

a:    As a mark of the highest honour, Honorary Life Membership, not exceeding one, in any one year, may be conferred upon an individual.

b:    A nomination must be received by a committee member at least 3 months prior to the Annual General Meeting to allow sufficient time to research eligibility for life membership

c:    At an Annual General Meeting a life member must be approved by a two-third majority.

d:    A member may nominate an individual for life membership providing the nominee and the seconder are current financial members.

 6.4 Associate Membership

     A member's spouse and family shall be automatically deemed an Associate member. Any individual, who, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, supports the objectives of the Club, may also be deemed an Associate member. Associate members shall be exempt from payment of application and subscription fees and shall not be permitted to hold office, vote at meetings of the Club or enjoy any benefits reserved for Ordinary Members. They shall not be exempt from Event Fees or any other dues or charges.

 6.5 Ordinary Membership

       Ordinary membership of the Club shall be open to all persons subject only to the discretion of the Executive committee.

 6.6 Application for Membership

       An application for membership to the Club shall be in such form and shall require the furnishing of such particulars as the committee shall from time to time prescribe. On approval of the application form the applicant shall be required to pay an annual subscription fee.


7.1 Entrance Fee

      The Executive committee may impose an Entrance Fee for new members which shall be payable on application, and until payment shall have been made, no candidate shall be entitled to be enrolled as a member.

 7.2 Annual Subscriptions

      The Annual Subscription shall be decided by the Executive committee and shall be for the period 1st January to 31st December each year.

 7.3 Overdue Subscriptions

      Any member whose subscription is overdue after 14th January each year, shall cease to participate in the benefits of membership, but shall be entitled to resume these benefits for the period commencing with the date of payment of the annual subscription to the end of the current year.

      Any member whose subscription has not been paid for the past three (3) years, shall have his name removed from the Register of Members, but shall have the right to apply for re enrollment at any future time.


8.1 The officers of the Club, referred to as the Executive Committee, shall consist of financial members elected at an Annual General Meeting. These officers are:-

       A: The President
B: The Vice President
C: The Treasurer
D: The Assistant Treasurer
E: The Secretary
F: The Assistant Secretary
G: The Events Manager
H: The Scrutineer
I: The Assistant Scrutineer
J: The Public Relations Officer
K: The Sponsorship Officer (Renamed from Discounts Officer 7Jan03)
L: The Membership Officer
M: The Training & Safety Officer (Training and Safety officer merged 7Jan03)
N: The Web Page Officer (Added on 4Dec01)

 8.2 The President and the Vice President shall preferably have been members of the outgoing Executive Committee at the time of elections and shall have served for a minimum period of twelve consecutive months. In the event that members meeting the above requirements cannot fill these positions, members who have served on any previous Executive committee may fill the vacant positions.

 8.3 The procedures governing the Duties, Modification of Duties, Reporting, Succession, Vacancies, Eligibility, Expenses and conduct of the Officers of the Club shall be laid down by the Club in The Bye Laws and amended from time to time as deemed necessary.

 8.4 No member shall hold a particular office for more than two terms. (Changed from One term to two terms on 4Dec01) The member may be elected to a different office for the next term and may be elected to an office they previously held but only after a period of one term has elapsed.


9.1 The only persons eligible to vote or speak at meetings of the club are financial members resident in Trinidad & Tobago, but the chairperson may with the consent of the meeting allow speaking rights to those persons not otherwise entitled to speak, except in the case of election of officers. Voting at meetings will be by show of hands unless any member present requests a secret ballot. Written proxy voting by financial members absent from the Annual General Meeting is accepted. Only in the event of an equal vote shall the returning officer be entitled to vote.

9.2 At all Meetings motions shall be decided by a majority of those present and voting unless otherwise specified.

9.3  The Chairperson at any Meeting of the Executive Committee or of a Subcommittee shall have a right to vote on every motion as a Member, and in the event of a tie shall in addition have a casting vote.

9.4  The Chairperson may appoint a returning officer and a Scrutineer to assist in the conduct of a Ballot. In the event of a tie the returning officer shall be entitled to vote.


10.1 The general principle for determining the correct quorum for all meeting shall be 51%, rounded to the next highest whole number, of the total number of persons entitled to attend.

a:    The quorum for an AGM, AEM or General Meeting shall be 51% of the paid up membership of the Club.

b:    The quorum for an Executive Committee meeting shall be 51% of the Executive Officers.

c:   The quorum for a Committee meeting shall be 51% of the number of persons elected or nominated to the committee.

10.2  Only financial members can be counted to calculate a quorum.

10.3 If a quorum is not obtained the meeting shall be adjourned for 14 days. During that time 7 clear calendar days written notice of the reconvened meeting specifying the time, date, venue and purpose of the meeting shall be given to the persons entitled to attend the meeting. When the meeting is reconvened the number of persons present 15 minutes after the starting time shall constitute the quorum. Any reconvened meeting that fails to achieve a quorum shall conduct its normal business except it shall not be entitled to change any of the rules or regulations of the Club and shall not be able to authorise any expenditure of club funds.

 The Club will hold different types of meetings from time to time.

 11.1 The "Annual Elections" Meeting (AEM)

        This will be the annual 'business' meeting of the club and shall be held in or before December of each year. Elections shall be held at the AEM to chose suitable persons to hold office for the next calendar year. The current holder of the office will continue in office until the AGM when he or she will hand over to the incoming person.

 11.2 The "Annual General" Meeting (AGM)

        This meeting will be the annual 'celebration' of the club and will be held in January or as soon thereafter as possible each year. The following activities are part of the AGM:

a:      The presentation of the President's Annual Report

b:      The presentation of the Treasurer's Annual Report.

c:      The presentation and adoption of the Accounts and Balance Sheet as at 31st December last by the Treasurer

d:      Each officer holding an Office for the next year will present his or her plans for their area of responsibility. The plans will then be submitted for final approval at the next Executive meeting of the club.

e:      The appointment of an Auditor or Auditors for the ensuing year.

f:      Any other General Business.

11.3  The "Executive Committee" Meeting.

        The Executive Committee shall meet at least once every month at such time and place as shall from time to time be determined by the Committee. The Committee shall meet whenever summoned by the Secretary at the direction of the President, or in his absence a Vice President, or upon a written request signed by four Committee members in which the reason for the meeting is stated.

 11.4 The "Monthly Event" Meeting.

        There shall be a Club Event once a month, which shall be the Monthly Event. This is the most important meeting of the club as it is the heart of the purpose of the club.

 11.5 An "Extraordinary General" Meeting (EGM)

        An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club may be convened at any time by direction of the Executive Committee OR within thirty days after the receipt of a requisition signed by not fewer than fifteen Members, the Secretary shall convene an Extraordinary General Meeting to consider the business specified in the requisition.

        The business of every Extraordinary General Meeting shall be strictly confined to the business for which the Meeting has been summoned. No resolution shall be carried at an Extraordinary General Meeting except by a majority of at least two thirds of the Members present and entitled to vote and voting. The quorum shall be the same as for an Annual General Meeting.

        The provisions relating to notice of and proceedings at the Annual General Meeting shall apply to Extraordinary General Meetings, so far as applicable.

 11.6 Order of Business

        The following business shall be transacted at a Meeting:

a:      The Adoption of the previous minutes.

b:      Matters arising from the minutes of previous meeting.

c:      The presentation of various reports by Officers of the Club

d:      The determination of Resolutions.

e:        Any other General Business.

11.7 Chairperson of Meetings:

        The Chairperson of all meetings except Committee or other similar meetings shall be the President or a Vice President of the Club, but if neither the President nor a Vice President are present within 15 minutes after the time fixed for the meeting, the members present shall elect from among the members then present a Chairperson for the meeting. The Officer responsible for that Meeting shall chair all other meetings of the Club.

 11.8 Member's Motions

        A Member may at any Meeting, with the consent of the Chairperson of the Meeting, raise any matter, which the Chairperson of the Meeting rules to be appropriate for the Meeting. A Member shall be entitled to move any resolution to be dealt with, if at least 14 calendar days prior to the date of the Meeting the form of the proposed resolution shall have been sent to the Secretary and if prior to the date of the Meeting the said resolution shall have been approved by the Executive Committee as being suitable for consideration at the Meeting provided always the Chairperson of the meeting or a majority of those members present may waive this 14 day requirement.

 11.9 Attendance

        Any member of the Executive Committee who shall fail to attend three consecutive Committee Meetings and has not furnished to the Committee a satisfactory explanation of his failure to attend may, on a Resolution, passed by a majority of not less than three quarters of the other members of the Committee present and voting, be deemed to have resigned his membership of the Committee, and shall thereafter cease to be a member of the Committee. Any member who has been deemed to have resigned from a committee shall not be eligible for election to an ensuing committee for a period of twelve months.

        All financial members of the Club shall have the right to attend any and all meetings of the club.


        The Club shall have detailed rules, which will amplify or supplement the provisions of this Constitution. No Rule shall ever allow the Constitution to be disregarded or overridden. Rules of the club are as determined by the majority of members and may be repealed or altered only by a majority vote of members at a special general or annual general meeting. Prior notice in writing of intended change signed and seconded by members is to be in the hands of the secretary seven days prior to the meeting. Rules of the club are attached.


13.1 Expulsion

a:      In case the conduct or behavior of any Member shall in the opinion of the Executive Committee be injurious or likely to be injurious to the character, aims and objects or well being of the Club, the Member shall be liable to expulsion by a resolution of the Executive Committee, provided that at least 14 days before the Meeting at which such resolution is to be proposed the Member shall have been sent notice of the Meeting and of the intended resolution for expulsion and shall have been afforded an opportunity of giving an explanation in writing.

        A resolution for expulsion to be effective shall require a three quarter majority of the members of the Executive Committee present and voting at a Meeting. Should any member be aggrieved by a decision of the Executive Committee, he or she shall have the right to appeal to a special general meeting of members, the decision of which will be final.

        If a quorum is not present at the special general meeting the matter shall be raised at the next general meeting. If the member has been suspended the member has no rights to club activities, voting etc. The member shall remain suspended until the decision of the appeal is known.

        Members may be expelled from the club for any of the following reasons:

a:      Failure to abide by the objectives and rules of the club at all times.

b:      Failure to pay all dues and other fees etc on time

c:      Engaging in any dangerous activity with a vehicle both during club events and in everyday life.

d:     Conviction in the courts of Trinidad & Tobago of any driving charge such as Dangerous Driving, Driving without Due care & Attention etc.

e:      Carrying and/or using alcohol unless otherwise permitted by the Club Executive.

f:       Carrying and/or using illegal drugs which are forbidden at all times at any Club function.

g:     Carrying and/or using firearms whether or not the person has a licence unless specifically permitted in writing by the Club Executive. Such written permission must state the reason the person is being allowed to carry a firearm to a club event, the specific events for which permission has been granted and the expiry date of the permission.

 13.2 Disciplinary Action

        The Executive Committee shall take disciplinary action, when the conduct or behavior of a member shall in the opinion of the Committee be injurious or likely to be injurious to another member, any other person, or the character, objectives or well being of the Club. The form of the disciplinary action is at the discretion of the Executive Committee and may take the form of a temporary suspension, fine, disqualification from a particular event. etc. The decision of the Executive Committee is final


        The President may, in emergencies, make any decision necessary which binds the club provided he or she has made every effort to discuss the matter with as many members of the Executive as possible beforehand. Any decision so taken shall have the same force and effect as if it had been taken at a Regular Meeting of the Committee.

        Within one day following the making of such a decision the President must call an emergency meeting of all members of the Executive committee to obtain their approval of the decision taken. This meeting must take place within five calendar days of the date of the decision.

        In the event that the President is forced to make a financial commitment on behalf of the club the commitment cannot exceed the income of the club for one year.


15.1 The Executive Committee shall cause Minutes of all Meetings Resolutions and Proceedings of the Club and of the Committee and of all Subcommittees to be duly entered in books to be provided for the purpose.

15.2 Any such Minutes as aforesaid shall be accepted as correct if signed by the Chairperson of the Meeting at which such Resolutions were passed or Proceedings took place, or by the Chairperson of the next succeeding Meeting of the Committee provided a motion to approve the Minutes is put and approved by the meeting first.

15.3 Until the contrary be proved, every Meeting of the Club or of the Executive Committee or Subcommittee shall be deemed to have been duly convened and held, and all Resolutions or Proceedings recorded as having been passed or taken place thereat shall be deemed duly to have been passed or to have taken place.

15.4 All appointments of the Committee and of other Officers of the Club shall be deemed to be valid, and all acts done by such Committee and Officers shall be valid notwithstanding any defect that may subsequently be discovered in their appointments.

15.5 All Minutes of any Meetings, Resolutions or Proceedings of the Committee or any Subcommittee shall be confidential to the Club, except where a decision is made by the Executive Committee to disclose to non members any such matters.


        The Executive Committee may appoint Subcommittees to consider any special subject, under specific terms of reference. Such Subcommittees shall submit to the Committee, in due course, reports of their findings and/or recommendations. The Executive Committee shall appoint Chairmen of the various Subcommittees.


        Members shall be entitled to participate in any events, local or foreign, staged by the Club or to which the Club has been invited to participate.


18.1 Bank Account

a:      A separate bank account shall be maintained by Treasurer for funds in the name of the club. The Executive Committee shall determine which officers shall be signatories on the account subject to the proviso that the account shall always require a minimum of two signature one of which must be either the Treasurer, the Secretary or the President.

b:      All payments from the Club's Funds shall be made by cheque.

18.2 The Financial Year

        The financial year shall be for a 12-month period from the 1st of January to the 31st of December.

18.3 Expenditure

a:      No committee member, officer or member may incur an expenditure of Club funds without the prior consent and/or approval of the executive.

b:      The Executive Committee shall have absolute discretion in administering and expending or in directing the administration and expenditure of the Funds of the Club for the protection and advancement of the interests of the Club and its Members, and in carrying out and furthering the aims and objectives of the Club.

c:      With the authority of a resolution of the Executive Committee the funds and other property of the Club may be pledged as security for any bond or other form of security given by any of the Members of the Committee for any of the purposes for which the Club is established, and in particular for the payment of Customs Duty and/or Road Tax in respect of motor vehicles belonging to overseas competitors.

18.4 Bankers

        The bankers of the Club shall be such banking or financial institution as approved by the executive of the Club.

18.5 Borrowings

        The executive may borrow such funds as may be necessary for the implementation of the aims and objectives of the Club and for approved projects.

18.6 Surpluses

        Any surplus funds of the Club not immediately required for use may be invested as the executive may approve from time to time. The executive may authorize the opening and maintenance of subsidiary accounts and the treasurer shall supervise such accounts.

18.7  Trustees:

a:      There may be two Trustees of the Club duly appointed at an Annual General Meeting of the Club. The Trustees shall be appointed for a period of three years and may be appointed for further periods not exceeding three years, from time to time. Any vacancies will be filled pro temps by the Executive Committee until the next Annual General Meeting.

b:      The invested funds of the Club shall be vested in the Trustees who shall hold such investments upon trust to deal with the same as directed by a resolution of the Executive Committee (of which an entry in the Minute Book shall be conclusive evidence) and in so doing they shall be indemnified against risk and expense out of the property of the Club. The Executive Committee shall have the power at all times to direct the transfer of such investments to other investments and to invest any or all of the monies of the Club standing to the credit of accounts current in such manner as they shall deem proper.

c:      Provided that until all such investment as aforesaid are made, the monies of the Club shall be dealt with in such manner as shall be directed by the Committee. All or any of the Funds of the Club shall at the discretion of the Executive Committee be invested in securities authorised by law for the investment of Trust Funds.

18.8  Annual Audit:

        The Accounts of the Club shall be made up at least once in every year to the 31st day of December. Such Accounts shall be examined and the correctness of the Revenue and Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet certified by one or more Honorary Auditors. Such Auditor or Auditors shall be appointed by the Members present at the Annual General Meeting, and shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting. The Executive Committee shall fill any casual vacancy in the office of Auditor.


        The Executive Committee shall have power to appoint an Attorney or Attorneys to act on behalf of the Club and/or its Members and to make such arrangements as to remuneration and duties as they shall think fit.‘


         A notice shall be served by the Club upon any Member either:

OR by sending it through the post in a prepaid letter
OR by e-mail addressed to such Member at his or her registered address as appearing in the Register of Members
AND/OR a notice shall be published by advertisement on two consecutive days in at least one of the newspapers in daily circulation in the Country at least twenty eight days before the date fixed for the Meeting.


        This constitution shall not be repealed or amended unless approved by a two-third majority of financial club members present and voting at an annual general or extraordinary general meeting.

        At least 14 days written notice outlining any amendments proposed including the reasons for the amendment shall be given to members prior to an annual general meeting or extraordinary general meeting.


        If at any General Meeting a resolution for the dissolution of the Club shall be passed by a majority of two thirds of the Members present and such resolution shall at an Extraordinary General Meeting held not less than one month thereafter be confirmed by a resolution passed by a majority of two thirds of the Members present and voting thereon, the Executive Committee shall thereupon, or at such future date as shall be specified in such resolution, proceed to realise the property of the Club and after the discharge of the liabilities shall bestow the same upon such charitable institution as the Executive Committee shall decide.




        The club has adopted the following General Rules to guide members. Certain Rules are spelt out in more detail later on.

A. Driving

1:      All vehicles involved in club excursions must be in roadworthy condition and have at least third party vehicle insurance. (See also Vehicle Preparation)

2:      Dangerous, discourteous or negligent driving, individually orr in convoy, on or off roads will not be permitted.

3:      All drivers will be responsible for maintaining contact, either visually or by radio with the driver immediately behind, save the last driver. Club members while traveling in convoy will not leave an intersection until the following vehicle has reached that intersection.

4:      Club members should render assistance to any vehicle found in trouble in off-road conditions after assessing personal safety and the safety of Club members.

5:      No person may bring a vehicle on a club event until they have participated as a passenger on at least one event or have participated as a driver in a designated “New Members Day”

6:     All drivers must have a valid Trinidad & Tobago Drivers permit or its international equivalent.

B. Personal

1:      No intoxicating liquor to be consumed on club events unless the event is so designated.

2:      No bad language, verbal abuse or physical violence will be tolerated.

3:     Any member causing damage to public or private property, flora or fauna will be held responsible as an individual for all damages and expenses incurred. This includes causing a fire by throwing cigarettes in the bush. No members shall leave an open fire unattended.

4:      Where appropriate permission from land owners/managers must be obtained prior to entering.

5:     No firearms or drugs are to be taken on any club event without the written permission of the President and one other Executive member.

6:     All personal rubbish to be removed when on a club trip. No rubbish to be left or disposed during a trip.

C. Membership, Guests etc

1:      All persons intending to join the Club must complete a membership application form.

2:      All visitors or guests on any Club event must sign an indemnity form (See Indemnity Form)

3:     All members of the Club who are not holders of a specified Office under the Constitution are automatically members of the Events Committee, which is chaired by the Events Manager.

4:     All new members shall be entitled to the New Members Kit which shall include amongst other things:-

a:     A copy of the Club’s Constitution

b:    A copy of the Club’s By laws

c:    A Membership Card

d:    An up to date list of all discount members are entitled to.

e:    A booklet of Off Road Driving Tips.


        With any organisation it is necessary to have Officers who are entrusted with the responsibility of running the organisation on behalf of the members. These members are usually referred to as the Officers of the club and together constitute the Executive of the Club.

        This section is divided into two parts:



1:     These 'Duties' shall be used to guide the conduct of Officers of the Club.

2:     These 'Duties' will allow the Club to judge the performance of an individual in a given office.


1:     All officers of the club holding a 'substantive' position must tender a written account of their performance at the meeting of the club held to elect officers*. Certain officers may be required to tender reports whether written or verbal at other times as spelt out in Section B

 *     There will two major meetings each year. The first will be the Annual Elections Meeting (AEM) to elect officers for the next calendar year. This will be the annual 'business' meeting of the club. The second , which will be held one month after the AEM, will be the Annual General Meeting AGM. This meeting will be the annual 'celebration' of the club.


1:     Elections shall be held annually at the AEM to choose suitable persons to hold office. The current holder of the office will continue in office until the AGM when he or she will hand over to the incoming person. At the AGM the officer holding the post for the next year will present their plans for their area of responsibility. The plans will then be submitted for final approval at the next Executive meeting of the club.


 1:     The person holding the 'Duputive' position in each area shall be acknowledged by the Club as the preferred successor to the 'Substantive' office holder subject always to the clubs final approval through the normal annual election processes at the AEM. i.e. the Assistant Secretary will normally succeed the Secretary when the Secretary demits office.

 2:     Any person holding a 'deputive' position must be ready to take over the 'substantive' position at any time if so required by the Club.


 1:     The position of any 'substantive' officer demitting office before the end of their term of office shall immediately and automatically be filled for the rest of the term by the holder of the 'deputive' position. Such time shall not count towards any term limits.

 2:     Any other vacancy on the Executive, however caused, shall be filled by a member chosen by the Executive members present at the next duly Constituted Executive Meeting. The person chosen shall hold the position until the next AEM. The time spent in the position shall not count towards any term limits.

 3:     Any officer who fails to perform his or her duties for 3 consecutive months, will be deemed to have abandoned the position and the Executive must fill the vacancy so caused within one month. 


1:      Only fully paid up members of the club are eligible for election.

2:      Recognising that the work of organising the Club must be shared equally, no member of the Club who is eligible to hold office may decline nomination. A member of the club who declines nomination must  resign from the club.

3:      An individual may hold not more than two positions in the club at any one time. No person may hold both the 'substantive' as well as the 'deputive' position at the same time. i.e You cannot be both the Secretary and the Assistant Secretary.

4:      No person may hold the same post for more than two terms. He or she must step down at the end of the 2nd term. They may offer themselves for reelection to the position after one year has elapsed. During that year the person may hold any other office in the Club.


1:      No individual Officer or member of the Club can commit the Club to any expenditure whatsoever without the authorisation of the Executive.

2:      All Offices in the Club are Honorary and do not entitle the holder to any salary or any expenses. Should an officer of the club need to expend any monies to fulfill his or her duties the formal approval of the Executive must first be obtained.

Responsibility & Authority

1:      Each Officer of the Club has the full authority of the Club to make all decisions which are within that person’s area of responsibility. The decision of an Officer of the Club is final unless appealed as set out below.

2:     The decision of any Officer of the Club may be appealed in the following manner:-

a:      During a full meeting of the club by requesting the matter be put to a vote by all paid up members present

b:     During an “Event” of the club  by asking the three most senior members present to form an “Appeal Committee” to review the decision. Their decision will be final for the purpose of the Event. Their decision may be appealed at a full meeting of the club.

        No damages in any form whatsoever will be awardable for any decision made by any Officer or Officers of the Club which is subsequently overturned unless the Club meeting in full session so determines.

c:      Every Officer of the Club shall abide by any decision of any “Appeal Committee” or of the full membership as if it were their own decision and will accept responsibility for and implement the said decision.

3:      All Officers of the Club will be indemnified by the club against any action arising as a result of their carrying out their duties as specified within the Constitution and within these By Laws.

4:     If any problems arise during an event such as an accident, one or more vehicles causing problems or the event itself being unsatisfactory to 3 or more members, the Officer with responsibility for that aspect of the event shall submit a written report to the next Executive Meeting of the Club, outlining the problem, the cause and the way to avoid the problem in future.

5:     Each member shall be responsible for the recovery and the cost associated thereto of his or her vehicle in the event it becomes disabled, stuck or for any other reason is unable to continue. The Club members may assist where practical but this does not relieve the member of their responsibility.


The President

1:      Provide leadership and inspiration for club members by his or her words and deeds.
(Added on 4Dec01)

2:      Shall chair all regular meetings of the club.

3:      Shall set the agenda for such meetings, ensure the meeting follows the agenda, is conducted in an orderly fashion and timely fashion, and achieves the purpose of the meeting.

4:      Shall have both a regular and a casting vote. The 'casting vote' can only be used in the event of a deadlock

5:      The Chairman shall not vote on any motion to overturn a decision or ruling by the President. Such a motion must be supported by a clear majority of those financial members present and voting

6:     Shall be the official spokesman for the club in the event that the Public Relations Officer is unavailable.

7:     Shall, in the event of shortage of time, deal with any matter that the Executive would normally deal with.

The Vice President

1:     Shall assist the President whenever possible and shall fulfill all duties of the President in his or her absence.

The Safety Officer

1:      Shall be responsible for safety of all participants, especially the public, at all events.

2:     Shall be responsible for maintaining in good condition a Club First Aid Kit. This Kit shall contain items not normally found in a personal or vehicle first aid kit.  The cost of maintaining the Club’s First Aid Kit shall be born by all members equally.

The Treasurer

1:      Shall keep all accounts of the Club in a proper manner which can satisfy the needs of the Club and which would be approved by any recognised accounting firm.

2:     Shall ensure all transactions of the club are carried out by cheque and that all monies received are in the form of cheques and are deposited within 24 hours of receipt. If cash is needed the treasurer will issue a cheque to a member of the club for the amount required.

3:     Shall present at each monthly meeting a written statement showing the following:-

a:     List of all moneys received, from whom and for what.

b:     List of all monies spent by whom and for what.

c:     List all monies owed to the club by whom and for what.

d:     List all monies owed by the club to whom and for what.

e:     The reconciled bank balance as at the end of the preceding month.

4:      Present to the AEM the draft accounts for the current financial year and present at the AGM an audited set of accounts of the clubs financial transactions for the previous calendar year. The members must elect the auditors each year at the AGM.

5:     Shall present to the Executive any Financial Regulations and any modifications needed from time to time for the administration of the Club's financial affairs.

6:     Shall ensure all officers, members and other arms of the Club comply with the Financial Regulations of the Club.

7:      Shall deal with all matters regarding the Banking arrangements of the Club.

8:     Shall keep the records of member's financial status and shall issue notices when annual dues become payable.

9:      Shall for all meetings make available a list of fully paid up members and a list of members in arrears with the amount clearly noted.

The Assistant Treasurer

1:     Shall assist the Treasurer whenever possible and shall fulfill all duties of the Treasurer in his or her absence.

The Secretary

1:     Shall keep all records of the following:-

a:     All minutes of all meetings

b:     Details of members

c:     Results of Elections at AEM

2:     Shall be responsible for all communications between the Club and members.

3:     Shall be responsible for all matters between the various agencies of Government and the Club.

4:     Shall be responsible for ensuring the decisions of meetings are communicated to all relevant members.

The Assistant Secretary

1:     Shall assist the Secretary whenever possible and shall fulfill all duties of the Secretary in his or her absence.

The Events Manager

1:     Shall be responsible for organising all official events of the Club of whatever nature.

2:     Shall be responsible for getting the Executive's approval for each and every event before it is organised.

3:     Shall be responsible for running each event at a profit unless specific funds have been approved by the club for running an event.

4:     Shall after each event present a written report to the next Executive meeting of the event covering such topics as the objective and the success of an event, a list of participants, a financial report, a full description of any dangerous or unplanned happenings at the event and a list of recommendations for a similar event in the future.

5:     Shall be free to delegate any of his or her work to any member of the Events Committee but shall remain totally responsible for that item of work.

6:     Shall be responsible for vehicle numbers (limits), access/keys/permits, order of vehicles, maps of area, any special equipment etc.

The Events Committee

1:     Shall assist the Events Manager in every way possible to fulfill his or her responsibilities. The Events manager shall chair this committee and shall be free to co-opt any person whether a member or not onto the committee. The committee shall meet as often as the members feel is necessary.

The Scrutineer

1:     Shall be responsible for setting the standards that are required of a vehicle and/or its driver and passengers for participation in an event of the club. This includes the various items of equipment that a vehicle must be equipped with. The Events Manager must publish such standards at the time of announcement of the event.

2:     Shall be responsible for ensuring all vehicles participating in any club event meet the standards required for that event.

3:      Shall have the power to refuse to allow any vehicle and/or its occupants to participate in any event if in his or her opinion they do not meet the standards required. The only appeal against the decision of the Scrutineer will be as set out above.

The Assistant Scrutineer

1:     Shall assist the Scrutineer whenever possible and shall fulfill all duties of the Scrutineer in his or her absence.

The Public Relations Officer

1:     Shall handle all matters relating to the image of the Club.

2:     Shall be the only person authorised to speak to the media on behalf of the club.

3:     Shall provide the Secretary with a written copy of any press release BEFORE it is given to the media.

4:     Shall obtain the agreement of the Executive before issuing any press release or holding any meeting with the Media. If time does not permit obtaining the agreement of the Executive then the Chairman is authorised to approve any such meeting or press release.

The Discounts Officer

1:      Shall obtain and maintain a listing of organisations which offer the Club's members discounts on production of their membership cards.

2:      Shall circulate to members on a quarterly basis a listing of all such organisations and the special terms they offer.

The Training Officer

1:     Shall review the training needs of the members of the club in all aspects affecting the success of the club, including but not limited to: driving skills; vehicle maintenance; safety; administration of the club; etc.

2:     Shall coordinate any programme of training with the Events Manager and the other officers of the club to ensure no conflicts take place.

The Web Page Officer

1:      Shall be responsible for all matters affecting the Club’s official web site.

2:     Shall ensure the web site is kept up to date and conveys the Club’s desire to be seen as a responsible member of the community.

Committee Members

1:     Shall be appointed by the Executive from time to time as the need may arise either for one off matters, such as a special committee to investigate a disciplinary matter or for a general committee such as membership.


        The objective of off roading is to pit drivers and their vehicles against the elements in a safe and pleasurable manner. The Trinidad & Tobago Off Road Club organises 'events' to facilitate this objective. An 'event' may be just a drive through some off road trails or it may involve some very difficult terrain. To participate in an '”event' without causing inconvenience to other club members and endangering the vehicle and its crew, certain basic requirements must be met.

        For each event the club will appoint an 'Event Manager' and a 'Scrutineer' whose joint decision will be final in all matters regarding equipment, preparation and suitability of a vehicle to enter the whole or any section or part of an event. All vehicles and their equipment will be inspected prior to their participation in each event.

        For the safe and responsible functioning of the Club the vehicles of members must meet certain minimum standards. These are divided into two types.

Part A: Compulsory

1: Legal Requirements

        Your vehicle must be in a safe and roadworthy condition in full compliance with the law. The Club reserves the right to forbid a member joining any event of the club if in the opinion of the Scrutineer or of any three elected members the vehicle is unsafe.

2: First Aid Kit

        First Aid Kit sufficient for minor cuts, abrasions etc.

3: Tools

        Basic tool kit for minor adjustments to the vehicle such as changing the fan belt, disconnecting a damaged drive shaft, rigging temporary wiring for lights. A tyre pressure gauge is a must for making adjustments to suit conditions.

4: Spares

        Spare wheel, spare fan belt, wheel brace, jack and jack stand in good working order.

5: Food and Drink

        Sufficient food, drink, ice etc for yourself and your crew for the duration of the event. Remember no alcohol is allowed.

6: Other Tools  

        A heavy-duty cutlass, fork and shovel for clearing obstacles etc.

7: Towing

        Two 25' Heavy Duty Tow Ropes with swaged or woven eyes at each end of not less than 4" diameter. The rope or strap must be capable of taking a sustained load of two tons and each end must carry a two-ton hook or a shackle in good working order. The ropes must be quickly accessible at all times during the event.

        Also required is at least one strong towing eye at the front and the back of the vehicle flush with or proud of the bumper of the vehicle and in such a position that it can easily be reached by a recovery crew. The towing eye must be able to withstand a minimum two-ton pull. The towing eye that is factory fitted on most vehicles is adequate provided it is flush with the bumper of the vehicle.

8: Wading

        No vehicle will be allowed to enter a stream or river which is deeper than that which the vehicle has been equipped to cross. For standard vehicles this is a depth where the water level will not cover the axle and the breather on the axle. Vehicles equipped with breather tube extensions will be allowed to wade up to the limit of their breather tube or less if other factors take precedence such as the speed of the current etc.

9: Mud

        Vehicles must be equipped with proper 'lug' tyres with at least 1/2" of lug depth.

10: Soft Tops

        Any vehicle with a 'soft top' or canvas roof must be fitted with a substantial roll bar that can take the full weight of a vehicle in the event of a roll over.

11: Safety Harness

        Driver and all passengers must wear a safety harness whenever the Event Manager deems a section of an event “hazardous”. A normal Seat Belt will be deemed suitable. Persons who are not wearing a seat belt or who are seated where none is provided must not stay in the vehicle for the “hazardous” section.

Part B: Required for Designated Events

        From time to time the club will determine the minimum equipment and vehicle preparation needed by a member for different types of off road activity. The Club reserves the right to forbid a member from entering an event or a particular section if the vehicle is not properly equipped.


         To protect the club and to make all visitors and guests aware of the inherent risks in Off Road, they are required to sign the form below before coming on any Club Event

        I ...................................................................... hereby agree to hold harmless the Trinidad & Tobago Off Road Club (The Club) and its members against any injury or any damage sustained to either myself or my property which may occur while I am a guest of either the club or any of it’s members whilst attending or participating in any Club Event.

        Furthermore I hereby indemnify The Club and it’s members against any damages however caused, which may arise directly or indirectly from my attending or participating in a Club Event.

        Signed  .........................................................
Witness .........................................................
Name    .........................................................
Date      .........................................................


        These 'By laws' can be modified in any way the Club wishes at any Regular, Duly Constituted meeting of the club provided no less than three quarters of the members present vote in favour. The members present must decide if the modification is for that meeting only or permanent. If the modification is permanent the Secretary of the club shall arrange for each paid up member to receive a copy of the modified 'By Laws'.