"Our History"

The Trinidad & Tobago Off Road Club was formed in 1996, when a handful of 4X4 owners decided to see just how well their Four Wheel Drive SUVs worked!  

Today, we have a wide variety of vehicles as we cater for many types of trails ranging from very difficult for the experienced members with their fully outfitted 4x4's, to the easy trails for the new, un-prepared 4x4's.

Current Members Rigs include Suzuki, Landrover, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, Ford and other four wheel drives. On the second Sunday of every month we go exploring beautiful parts of the island, e.g. Cumaca, La Fillette, Blanchisseuse, Moruga, Gran Couva, ….the list is endless.

We always welcome new members and extend this invitation to you to join us on our next adventure!  
We look forward to you joining us in the canefields, rainforests, rivers and mud......come and join us !  

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"Past Officers of The Club"

Trinidad & Tobago Off Road Club TORC As at: 2-Mar-04
Position 1997A 1997B 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
President: Peter Quentrall-Thomas Dale Bridgemahon Dale Bridgemahon Tony Quintyne Monty/Bruce Hay Dale Bridgemahon Sham Mahabir David LS Lincoln Jaimungal
Vice President: Dale Bridgemahon Tony Quintyne Tony Quintyne Monty Chapman Bruce hay Tony Quintyne Wellsely Nandoo Lincoln Jaimungal Paul Tiah
Treasurer: Leon Akong PQT Darryl Ramsundar Tamara Nunes Paul Tiah Gary Williams Gary Williams Sean Clarke Kurt Sinanan
Asst Treasurer: Lara Quentrall-Thomas Darryl Ramsundar Phillip Boos Tamara Nunes Paul Tiah Paul Tiah Gary Williams Ram Maharaj
Events Manager: Dale Bridgemahon Monty Chapman Monty Chapman PQT Sham Mahabir Sham Mahabir Rick Coldin Paul Tiah Keith Billouin
Asst.Events Mgr: Rick Coldin Roland Rooplal Roland Rooplal Shivanand Maharaj
Secretary: Lara Quentrall-Thomas Wellsley Nandoo Paul Taih David LS Jo-Ann Nandoo Jo-Ann Nandoo PQT Gary Williams Gary Williams
Asst Secretary: Leon Akong Lara QT Tariq Razark Sham Mahabir Junior Nandoo Bruce hay David LS Dale Bridgemahon Geoffrey Hadaway
Scrutineer : Christopher Phillips Tony Quintyne Tony Quintyne Wellsely Nandoo Tony Quintyne Darin Baksh Roy Ramkissoon Tony Quintyne Shane Blackman
Asst Scrutineer: Tony Quintyne David LS Martin Achong Sham Mahabir Franchesca Nandoo Anthony Bhopa Steve Noel PQT John Lyder
Public Relations: Raymond de Comarmond Raymond de C David LS Lara QT Raj Narinsingh Bruce Hay Anthony Bhopa Shivanand Maharaj Roland Rooplal
Membership Officer: -------- Raymond de C Lara QT Dale Bridgemahon PQT Lincoln Jaimungal Roy Ramkissoon Ram Maharaj
Discounts Officer: Raymond de Comarmond Paul Taih Wellsley Nandoo Raymond de C PQT Roland Rooplal Darin Baksh Darin Baksh Shiva Maharaj
Train/Safety Officer: -------- Ronald Eiffel Ronald Eiffel Monty Chapman Gaufh Nandoo Wellsely Nandoo Tony Quintyne Sham Mahabir Barrie LS
Asst. Safety Officer: Paul Tiah Rick Coldin Curtis Foster Gaufh Nandoo Sham Mahabir
Training Officer David LS Sham Mahabir -----------
Web Page Manager Paul Tiah Paul Tiah PQT
Members: David Landreth-Smith Simon Laughlin PQT Dale Bridgemahon David LS Dale Bridgemahon Anderson Beal Curtis Foster
Ronald Eiffel Leon Akong Lara QT Darryl Ramsundar Gaufh Nandoo Anthony Bhopa
Darryl Ramsundar Christopher Phillips Tariq Razark Curtis Foster Rick Coldin
Simon Laughlin Gaufh Nandoo Martin Achong Dale Bridgemahon Wellsely Nandoo
Paul Taih Cherise Thavenot Christopher Phillips Damian Ramesar David LS
Montgomery Chapman Gaufh Nandoo Darin Baksh Tony Quintyne
Gaufh Nandoo Cherise Thavenot Darryl Ramnarine Jan Raymond
Cherise Thavenot Simon Laughlin Gayle Nandoo Raj Narinesingh
Wellsley Nandoo Leon Akong Jo-Ann Nandoo Sean Clarke
John Standring Edward Duchesne
Mariano Carrera Willem Mouton
Melvine Samode
Raj Narinesingh
Ram Maharaj
Rick Coldin
Steve Noel
Wellsely Nandoo
Zahir Mohammed