Trial Rules

The following are the 2004 Trial Rules

General Rules:  2004 Competitions

There will be a one driver one vehicle policy.          
Drivers and passengers (If any) must wear seatbelts while on the competition course.  
Drivers will not be allowed to switch vehicles during the competition. i.e. there will be the same driver / vehicle combination during the entire day of the competition.  
There will be no switching of tires during the day. The only change allowed    
will be the spare/spares carried by the vehicle from the beginning of the    
Drivers will draw for positions.            
There will be no changing of places during the competition i.e. drivers    
cannot trade positions with other drivers. Drivers who refuse to drive in    
the position drawn will be disqualified.          
The driver who is in position one on the first run shall be in the last      
position on the next run.            
Competitors will be required to ensure that recovery straps/ropes are in    
position both in front and back of the vehicle before arriving at the start    
Reversing is not permitted, unless otherwise stated for a predetermined area.    
A driver who fails to present himself/herself ready at the start gate      
within 3 minutes of the completion of the prior competitor ( as announced by    
the events manager or person assigned by the events manager) will be    
disqualified from the competition.            
The positions will be determined based on the total points accumulated or    
total time accumulated between the two runs of the circuit as the case may    
There shall be no prompting or guidance from any spectator except under the  
circumstance where the Events Manager or Safety Officer deems that such has been in order to
prevent injury to persons. In such a case, where the competitors attempt has    
been obstructed, the competitor  may  be allowed to repeat the stage at the    
discretion of the event committee.            
Competitors, marshals and other officials are not allowed to drink alcohol during the event. Spectators with alcoholic beverages will be confined to the spectator area.
Spectators are not allowed on the competition course.


2004   Comp #1 & 2 July 4th              
Competition scoring will be carried out by appointed Marshals only.          
Any queries or complaints for any aspect to the Competition must be addressed before the end of the Competition day.
Queries will be ruled upon by the Events Manager, President & Scrutineer.        
Course 1 100 pts Dexterity Object is to complete a set course without knocking over or touching course markers.
  Only 1 vehicle on the course at a time.            
  To score , vehicle must completely pass between the markers for each gate without touching or knocking over.
    NB: "Pass" means that at least the hub of one wheel must be over the mark. See diagram.    
  Gates must be attempted in numerical order ascending.          
  Maximum time limit to complete course is 10 mins.          
  The driver and one other person will be allowed per vehicle.        
  No stopping allowed. i.e.. Forward motion ceases for more than 30 seconds.      
  Scoring: Every gate that is successfully passed, i.e.. not touched or knocked over, 10 pts   
  If a gate marker is touched or knocked over, a zero score will be given for that gate.    
  If a gate is missed, you will be scored to your last completed gate at the time.      
  If you do not complete the course in 10 min, you will be scored to your last completed gate at time.  
  10 Gates