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Trinidad and Tobago Off Road Club

We are a group of about forty men and women who venture out on the second Sunday of each month to explore different parts of Trinidad and Tobago.

Our mission is to provide our members with a safe, learning environment to explore and enjoy the capability of their 4x4 vehicles.

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November 2013 - Indian Trail

October 2013 - La Vega Estate

October 2013 - Lopinot to Las Cuevas

September 2013 - Platanal

August 2013 - Caura

July 2013 - Blanchisseuse

June 2013 - Caura

June 2013 - World Environment Day Tree Planting Exercise

March 2013 - Verdant Vale (Uphill)

January 2013 - Lopinot to Madamas

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